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About TriMen Chemicals

Founded in 1998, TriMen Chemicals has initially offered the unusual aminoacids on the catalogue and made-to-order basis.
The company evolved very quickly into the custom research organization (CRO) serving the needs of varying types of customers: from small biotechs and university groups through big-pharma companies.

We are a Team of accomplished organic chemists with extensive experience in the synthesis of complex organic compounds and in the practice of medicinal chemistry.


TriMen Chemicals is based in Łódź (pronounce: wootch), 740,000 inhabitants city in central Poland. The city of Łódź is a historical center of the textile industry in Poland. The cooperating dye production industry started the organic chemistry tradition in the region. Nowadays Łódź is a home for several universities and one of the main high-tech centers in Poland. Several Polish biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies have their headquarters, production sites and research labs in Łódź or its surroundings.     read more about Łódź